I officially acknowledge that I'm adrift at sea.

If I was supposed to do something / say something / be somewhere in the past two months and haven't - please know that it was not intentional...

I have been in another time - another place - somewhere in between Earth and Mars // awake and asleep... transitioning through thoughts - ideas - feelings in a real time that is entirely of my own creation.

I have no idea what it means or what I will make of it, but it is nearly done now... and that's all I have right now.


Sometimes nice things just appear unexpectedly... in preparing to hang work last night I realised there maybe work hidden inside the supports... a conversation for another day but still. a conversation noted.

SOL THIRTY TWO: 06:06 ET // 09:00 MT

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN - WE HAVE LIGHT!!! (and a bit of a Breakfast Club moment)

I'm not sure I can explain the simple joy of seeing light at (around) the right time... there is a sense of comfort - of universal order - of relief. I stare at the sky and know that it's going to be okay because time is on my side again.

SOL THIRTY: 04:48 ET // 09:00 MT

It is getting easier. I acknowledge that.... everything except sleeping. 

Falling asleep in the late afternoon is actually quite hard to do. Too early to think it's bed time - too late to think it's an afternoon nap - my body has become surprising resistant to the idea and even more so to waking up at midnight / one / two in the morning. 

Today I woke up at 2:45am  (the usual 7:00am Mars Time) and I just refused to get out of bed.

Call it a physical rejection of the durational process or just a weekend sleep-in, I stayed here until nearly 11:00am Marts Time (almost 7:00am Earth Time).  #sorry #notsorry

SOL TWENTY EIGHT: 04:47 ET // 09:00 MT

htss 107.JPG

Star gazing in Brooklyn was never going to be entirely successful... but as 07:00 on Mars occured at 01:26 on Earth it didn't seem unreasonable to step outside and look up. 

Amongst the city lights and cloud cover I watched and waited... inwardly suspecting that my gaze towards the heavens was entirely futile.

It was only as I turned to go that I saw it... a singular illuminated arc across the sky. Perhaps it was not the perseid meteor shower that was experience elsewhere but it was mine and it was glorious. 


There is a peep hole in the door of the gallery that I have been leaving notes in every time I go out or when I am sleeping. My notes indicate what I am doing and both time on Earth and time on Mars -for one reason or another I am yet to let them go and I have started to build up quite a collection!