As the video streaming does its thing and I try to quietly forget about it – I am actively collecting data of another kind in the old-school analog way...

These four books are reference points to my activities and interactions - each serving as specific purpose.

The Visitor Check-In to record visitors to the gallery and documents the time of their interaction in both Mars and Earth time.

The Outings book is my equivalent to log my departure from the space stating times, objectives and outcomes of each and every entry into the outside world.

The Log Book is a journal - similar to this forum where I will think through concepts / experiences and plan further action 

And last but not least is the Field Notebook, which (surprise surprise !) is to record my actions outside!

i hope these books become a record of physical experiences as imperfect and impractical as they are – should you visit me in the space - please feel free to look through them! xx