SOL ZERO: 09:00 ET // 09:00 MT

How the Stars Stand had to start somewhere. And so it began at 09:00 am on July 15th, 2015.  

This randomly appointed time and date anchored my project to a location on Mars, chosen for no other reason than it shared the exact same time at that exact same moment. Now, the time of 189.400°E has become my own. 

This log book will be an account of my experience on Mars time – living and working through a 24h 39m and 35s day while negotiating the realities of an Earth-bound existence.

I will try and document the experience as often and as accurately as possible – sharing the successes, failures and unexpected consequences of being out-of-sync with the outside world.

At the moment it is difficult to even conceive of how things might change - as today feels almost like any other...  On any given day minutes are inexplicably lost so turning the clock back by such small increments does not yet allude to the drastic shifts that I know are coming... I am still waiting for that moment where I realize exactly what I have gotten myself into.

I think my first few days are going to be largely administrative. I need to adjust to both my new space and my new time and determine a schedule that I can operate in both by.

This website will provide a platform to collate written thoughts with visual documents as I explore my shifting sense of time and experience. Everything published will be a work of process in process: a log of things finished and fleeting, understood and unknown. It is a record of time through time and it has already begun. x