Working out a viable schedule has been hard.

I am not one to live by the rigors of routine (it has previously been suggested that the exactitude of this project is in defiance of my very nature) so I have been reluctant to commit to anything that would preclude spontaneous human experiences. However I am aware of the virtues consistency can provide when everything else is in a state of flux so I have persevered and devised this....  a rough plan for living can be abandoned at a moments notice...and I think it feels about right. 

My intention has always been to try and maintain a fairly 'normal' life while operating on Mars time. As much as experiencing the shift of time itself, I wanted to see how my interactions with the world would need to be re-negotiated and re-imagined - how my relationships with friends and strangers be altered and how I 'mastered' the need for constant conversion.

I wanted the work to be a lived experience and thus adaptable to the realities that only lived experience can provide – an experiment with an unknown outcome. 

With that said – I have also felt a need to formalize some rules for myself – some parameters that will be expanded through the act of doing.

Of all the possible rule I could set for myself the only one etched in stone is that I must always abide by my Mars local time. This means irrespective of activity or occasion  I must only undertake actions that conform to my time on Mars and I must encourage other to do so.  In reality this would mean that I eat breakfast during my morning regardless the time on Earth, and should I be accompanied by other people during a meal or activity I would request that they abide by my time also.

I must also specify if an action is to occur according to time on Mars or time on Earth and, where possible, choose Mars time as the default time, schedule events to occur on the Mars hour / half hour rather than preferencing Earth.

These are two simple rules but they are a place to start and I can already see them having much broader consequences... until later xx