The idea of being documented at all, let alone all the time is something I hate to think about.

I don't like being photographed and don't particularly like being watched either - yet here we are.... with both happening simultaneously!

That's right gentle viewers, for the duration of HTSS I will be recording my movements in the gallery space via Live Stream which can be watched here 24/7. 

Don't expect a great deal of exciting footage... it's going to be mostly writing, working and sleeping but if you are lucky and I forget that the camera is there you might also get a glimpse of my awesome dance moves.

In all honesty I'm trying hard not to think about people actually watching it (so the fact that I'm posting about it is absolutely ridiculous) but I mention it in recognition that the only thing that goes beyond my gut-wrenching displeasure of being photographed is my pure and absolute love of data collection so while I have no idea what I will do with it yet but by the end of the project I will have almost 873 Mars hours // 897 Earth hours of data and that's something.